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Church of Good Living

sumak kawsay

Rituals and Ceremonies

Within the Andean traditions, the fundamental celebrations that connect us as a community are the ones we celebrate every solstice and every equinox.

  • Winter Solstice or Kapak Raymi
  • Spring Equinox or Pawkar Raymi
  • Summer Solstice or Inti Raymi
  • Autumn Equinox or Killa Raymi

All these festivities and celebrations allow us as human beings to recognize our relationship with the changes and movements of Mother Earth and her influence on our lives. All these community activities are carried out within the framework of Andean reciprocity and the voluntary contribution of the members of our community.

In addition to these community celebrations, we practice and maintain altars that are part of our culture. These experiential practices make our culture a living tradition. Their forms have varied, adapting to the current world without losing the essence of their teachings. Here we list some of the ceremonies that should be led by trained and recognized people in our community.

  • Ceremony of the first breath
  • Medicine ceremony
  • Ceremonies of rite of passage from child to adult
  • Sun Dance
  • Night Dance
  • Ritual fasts
  • Diets and body cleansing
  • Payments, offerings and power walks
  • Word and song circles
  • Mingas and community work
  • Adoption and family extension ceremonies
This list, without being exhaustive, names the ceremonies that we practice as part of the processes of cleaning, healing, and integrative well-being.