Sumak Kawsay

Church of Good Living

Sumak Kawsay

Church of Good Living

Welcome to the Church of Sumak Kawsay, the Church of Good Living

Rooted in the ancient Andean principles of harmonious coexistence, we are a vibrant community that embraces diversity, fosters healing, and cultivates self-awareness through daily spiritual practices. Drawing on our rich heritage of ancient wisdom and traditions, we strive to foster a path of peace and harmony. Our main goal is to live well, think well, and act well, thus making spirituality an integral part of our everyday life.

Join us on this sacred journey toward collective well-being.


Statement of Faith:

Sumak Kawsay is a lifestyle that is based on 4 fundamentals:

Jatun Muskuy - the beautiful sharing

Jampi Kawsay - life is medicine

Tukuy Yachay - everything is wisdom

Pachamama - the time of the mother

Constitution and Establishment

Statement of Good Practice and Ethics


Our ethical principles are deeply rooted in promoting a culture of good living and reverence for nature. We are committed to using our knowledge for individual and community growth, preserving and sharing ancestral teachings and practices.

path of connection and respect

Our Philosophy

Rooted in the principles of Sumak Kawsay, we form a community sharing a way of life that fosters respect for diversity and connection with our own nature.

The men and women who accompany us make their lives a canvas to embrace differences, seeing in the rich variety of the Earth a reflection of the divine spirit that dwells in all of us.

daily practice

Our Spirituality


Every day, we cherish and share spiritual experiences that shape our daily habits. Our journey is about cultivating spirituality not just as a belief, but as a continuous action. Our ultimate goal is to think well, feel well, and act well, a pursuit that requires conscious daily practice.

living pillars

Rituals and Ceremonies

We practice a rich tapestry of rituals and ceremonies. Rooted in ancient Andean practices, our gatherings celebrate the profound bond between us and Mother Earth. Guided by trained and recognized community leaders, these rituals and ceremonies are living pillars of our culture, fostering healing, personal growth, and communal harmony.

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