Sumak Kawsay

Church of Good Living

sumak kawsay

Statement of Faith

Sumak Kawsay is a lifestyle that is based on 4 fundamentals:

JATUN MUSKUY - the beautiful sharing: a manifestation of the collective dream and the individual dream. We come into this life to share our dreams.

JAMPI KAWSAY - life is medicine: everything is medicine and health is essential. We are medicine and everything around us is to help us heal.

TUKUY YACHAY - everything is wisdom: we appreciate everything that surrounds us because everything has wisdom. This awareness leads us to maintain a lifestyle close to nature because it is she who keeps alive the memory of ancestral wisdom.

PACHAMAMA - the time of the mother: We recognize ourselves as children of Mother Earth and relatives of all beings that inhabit her. The Mother is considered, honored, and respected as a living and ancient being. Our family is everything and everyone inhabiting this planet - plants, animals, fungi, and minerals. All living beings must be protected, honored, and respected.