Sumak Kawsay

Andean Church of Well-Being

sumak kawsay

Statement of Good Practice and Ethics

We believe in the full and harmonious restoration of our Abya Yala, in the reestablishment of peace, dignity, and respect among the descendant communities of the pre-Inca ancestral cultures that live in the immense Andean region (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela).

We raise a voice to the creator for the possibility of coming together again, protected by our belief and spirituality, to restore our own memory to health, and restore respect for the living memory of our native peoples.

The evidence of the existence of a culture with deep traditions and great wisdom is embodied in the heritage left by our ancestors in temples, architecture, art, songs and dances, agriculture, and thousands of oral and written traditions. All these sources of wisdom have been religiously guarded by our Andean peoples and cultures. In fulfillment of the visions and prophecies, they come to light at this time to be restored in the four sacred directions of our Mother Earth, for the continuity of existence in harmony.