Sumak Kawsay

Andean Church of Well-Being

sumak kawsay


We preserve and transmit the spiritual experiences that build daily habits in us so that our spirituality is a daily act. Thinking well, feeling well, and acting well is the end of our tradition. How to achieve it is a conscious practice every day. Living in harmony with what surrounds us makes the living presence of the Great Spirit concretely manifest in our lives and even prepares us for what comes to meet us beyond this one.

Having access to the answers that are cultivated within us and make our life a path of love and simplicity is the purpose of Andean spirituality. Being able to be ourselves the guide, the end, and the means by which the divinity is manifested and reflected. Being a vibrant part of our nature again and feeling the energy that unites us with the entire cosmos thus recognizing that we are made of the same energy that saw the birth of stars and forests, is the achievement of walking our sacred path.